Email Hosting

Email hosting is something that has gained general acceptance in recent years due to high levels of spam, spyware, and virus distributions.  At Priority IT we offer multiple options of levels of email hosting with the top option using Microsoft Exchange hosting.  Why deal with the multiple jobs that are required for hosting your own mail and leave it to us.  Here are some advantages to hosting email with us.


  • You do not have to maintain the server hardware or software.  That means that we have responsibility of the actual machine.
  • Accessibility to all your devices is available.  Yes we offer setup help on all smartphones, tablets, pc, Apple, and others.  Pick your device and we will get your email on it.
  • Power out at your office?  No problem we are still up and running.  Email will continue to flow and it will be there once your power comes back online.
  • There are no contracts with our email hosting so if you don’t like it, by all means, you can go back to your previous option.  But I bet you won’t!!