Network Support – Is your network slow, missing files, or just having other issues all around.  Well, we can help out on that.

Backup Services – What happens if your building gets hit with the latest act from Mother Nature?  Can you recover?  Will your business survive?  Where is your data?  We can help out with this.

Cloud Services – What is it?  Well to put it bluntly, it’s your IT services securely put on the Internet with availability from anywhere you have internet access.  Yes we can do that

Email Hosting – How about having email, contact, calendar and tasks on your phone, tablet, and any computer you own and not having to delete old messages multiple times. Yes our email can do that as well.

Mobile Support – Got a new iPhone or Android phone, yes we can help get you rolling on that. 

Give us a call today and see what Priority IT Consultants can do for you.